Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Drive

The view from our room

We made it! Earlier today, right about lunch time, we cruised our way into San Diego, made our way down to Mission Beach, and had us some grilled mahi mahi tacos! We even got to watch the UEFA Champions League match between Real Madrid and Barcelona!

After lunch we headed down to Coronado Island where we are staying at the Marriott. Lets just say it is a little bit different than my accommodations will be starting on Friday.

As for the rest of the drive, it has been pretty leisurely. Ashland for lunch on Monday with Ken and Mitzi; Sacramento Monday night for dinner with Claire; lunch in Sacramento with Roger, Janet, David, Lauren, and Sarah; and Bakersfield last night, just because it was a good stopping point.

Tonight and tomorrow will be pretty leisurely, just touring around the city and meeting up with my cousin Jimmy for dinner and possibly breakfast, and a friend from OSU, Angela, for dinner Thursday. On a side note, I'm bummed that Kyle (another OSU alum) is off touring somewhere with the navy and can't meet up!

I also need to pick up some food for the first section I will be hiking, to supplement what I already have. Right now I'm planning on ~4500 calories per day, and I'll adjust based on how that goes. So for the first stretch from Lake Morena to Idyllwild, I will be carrying about 36,000 calories for the 8 days it will take. Once I've got the quantity figured out a little bit better I'll post a food diary for a week's worth of food.

Now excuse me while I get back to enjoying the sunny weather...

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  1. Hurray! Day 1 has arrived! Don't forget to get a picture of you with all your gear... it will be fun to compare what you look like today, to how you look when you finish! Enjoy!! Libby