Thursday, April 21, 2011


There it is in all it's glory! What a beautiful sight, to me at least.

Backpack - Granite Gear Vapor Trail
Tent - Tarptent Moment
Sleeping bag - REI Sub-Kilo +20F
Sleeping Pad - Z-Rest
Clothes are in the green stuff sack
Shoes - Nike Pegasus Running shoes
Maps, compass, PCT Permit
Pot, stove, fuel
First aid kit
Camera, charger, spare battery
Toiletries and TP
Water storage (will be able to carry 6L)
Food storage (still need to buy and pack)
And other small miscellany

I'm also going to pick up some kahtoola microspikes and maybe an ice axe since there is still a lot of snow at the higher elevations in SoCal.
Can't wait to start!

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  1. Does anyone use trekking poles on the PCT?

  2. Yes, based on what I have heard from other hikers, quite a lot of people use trekking poles on the PCT and think they help out a lot when going up and down the hills. I'm relying on my burly mountain-man legs to get me through the miles.