Monday, October 3, 2011

September 16, 2011

Start: 2347
End: 2376

Not much seemed to happen today, despite the fact that we walked 29 miles. About 8 miles into hiking today we came to a little cabin on the edge of a meadow that was built by the Snojammers snowmobilers club. We checked it out and then made our way back into the forest. Unfortunately there wasn't a fire going in the wood stove, but it was nice to sit down inside nonetheless.

It was cold pretty much all day, with a few times where the sun came out to give us a little of it's warmth before hiding away behind the clouds again. Other than that it was a pretty neutral day, nothing either good or bad.

Tomorrow we will reach Snoqualmie Pass where I am looking forward to hot food, a hot shower, laundering my clothes (warm from the dryer), and getting my final pair of shoes, as well as socks, waterproof shell gloves, and my food resupply box. It's going to be grrrrreat!

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