Monday, October 3, 2011

September 28, 2011

Start: 2589
End: 2614

I love the North Cascades! I believe today confirms the fact that Washington had been my favorite part of the trail.

We made our way up the trail from where we camped, across Hwy 20 at Rainy Pass, and up towards Cutthroat Pass. As we made our way up through the trees we caught glimpses of a clear blue sky, and the mountains freshly frosted with a light dusting of snow. The crispness of the morning air, as well as the snow, were truly signs that the seasons are changing, winter is on it's way, and it's about time to be finishing this hike.

Over the course of the day we also ran into a few other hikers. Two of them are Mowgli and Shaker, other thru-hikers, and the third is a section hiker from Portland named Bobby.

Tonight 12 Ounce and I are camped up near Glacier Pass and I expect the tent will be frozen in the morning. Should be interesting! We also cross into the Pasayten Wilderness tomorrow which is supposed to be spectacular!

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