Monday, October 3, 2011

September 25, 2011

Start: 2533
End: 2555 (plus 5 "new" PCT miles)

Sometimes when people ask about the PCT, I just say it has it's ups and downs. This section has certainly been no exception with all the valleys we have climbed into and out of. Miles have been a bit slower because of the elevation change, but the scenery has been incredible, particularly views of aptly named Glacier Peak and Mt Rainier in the distance.

Today we had the opportunity to walk on a new bridge crossing the Suiattle River. The previous bridge was washed out in 2003 and just opened for use a week or so ago. The only problem with this is that the new bridge is in a new location meaning an extra 5 miles that we had not counted on hiking.

After making it through the new trails and back to the old PCT, we made our way up Suiattle Pass, hiking until about 9:30pm, and setting up camp around 6000' just the other side of the pass. This leaves us with 19 miles to do to get to Stehekin tomorrow, something I am looking forward to so I can eat some delicious baked goods and real hot food!

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