Monday, October 3, 2011

September 17, 2011

Start: 2376
End: 2402

When it rains, it pours. I'm not talking about actual rain, of which we had a bit today, but rather trail magic and encounters with day hikers.

The trail is a magical place and trail magic can take many different forms. At the beginning of the hike I thought of trail magic as simply food or drinks that trail angels left along the trail, or cooked for hikers at a road crossing. Lately though, I've begun to see it more broadly than just those physical things. It could be a smile from another hiker, or a spectacular sunrise, or I could even be the source of the magic. I'd like to think that by talking to various people along the way I've helped to inspire them to dream a little bigger or see the world in a slightly different way, if only for a moment.

Today there were many sources of magic that included both physical gifts (Rainier Beer, root beer, plums, cinnamon rolls, and coffee) as well as other gifts. Hopefully some of the people we ran into today will be inspired to do something more than they thought they could.

The only thing bad about all the wonderful encounters today was the fact that we were trying to get to Snoqualmie Pass and it's warm, tasty treasures that were waiting. We eventually did make it and enjoyed hot food (spicy and temp), hot shower, hot tub, clean laundry, and a room with heating to dry out all of our gear. What a nice thing it is to look out at the cold rain from a climate controlled room!

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