Monday, October 3, 2011

September 29, 2011

Start: 2614
End: 2640

After a climb from Glacier Pass in the morning to another pass, we crossed to the other side of the ridge and into a fierce, cold wind. The trail had some snow patches here and there, and also had some surface hoar, the first we had seen on the hike. It was strange to walk on it, crunching through the tiny icy pillars.

After a few more miles we came to Harts Pass, the last road we will cross before reaching Manning Park, 8 miles past the US/Canadian border. We stopped briefly to sign the register, then continued on to find a place for lunch.

Our lunch stop ended up being ?Buffalo? Pass. Just as we were packing up after lunch, Goodness and Zm stopped by on their way South. They reached the border the day before and instead of going into Canada were hiking back to Rainey Pass for a ride. It was good to see the two of them once more before finishing the hike.

During the afternoon hiking my mind was wandering, and a feeling came over me a bit like a child gets on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of completing the hike and accomplishing a goal 5 months in the making is like that of opening presents Christmas Day. The only question left in my mind is: will I have gotten what I want out of the hike, or will i be left with an empty feeling after the anticipation of the moment has passed? Only time will tell.

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