Monday, October 3, 2011

September 24, 2011

Start: 2509
End: 2533

Today was just another day with "you gotta see it for yourself" views. The first part of the day we climbed up to a couple passes and traversed along the south side of a ridge presenting us with amazing views to the south of Mt Rainier and other smaller peaks in the foreground.

After passing through Red Pass we dropped into a bowl with spectacular green grass contrasted with glacial snow patches, and further down the trail views of Glacier Peak.

Later in the day there was a wall of clouds to the West moving our direction. As we approached Fire Pass the clouds overtook us and we got a sprinkling of rain. At the top of the pass we donned our rain gear and prepared for the worst. The wind ended up being worse than the rain, but we didn't want to take chances so we camped earlier than planned because we didn't want to be caught on a ridge if a big storm rolled through.

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