Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

Start: 702
End: 716

After two solid days of rest and recovery, the four of us ventured out of Kennedy Meadows and back to the trail. After eating breakfast and getting packed up we headed out at 11am. It was actually pretty hot for a change as we hiked through a meadow of Mexican sage to the Kennedy Meadows CG, and then started to climb up along the South Fork of the Kern River to 8000'. It was the first day where we had water within sight or earshot all day! Gotta love having water all around, especially because that means less weight to carry. This is particularly important because of the extra weight of carrying a bear can and 7 days of food.

We all weighed our packs this morning before heading out and mine was the heaviest weighing in at 45lbs. 12 Ounce had the lightest pack at 42lbs. This made for a slow day of hiking, which was OK since we planned to only average 15 miles a day through Kearsarge Pass where we will exit the trail to resupply in Independence or Bishop.

Tonight we are camped in Monache Meadow next to the South Fork of the Kern River. It is so quiet and beautiful here in the South Sierra Wilderness, the hike is really starting to feel like I thought it would. The fact that there is still a lot of snow in the Sierras has thinned out the herd a bit, with some people heading north to do the rest of the trail and then come back to finish it at the end, and others holed up in Kennedy Meadows waiting for packages to arrive or for more of the snow to melt. Whatever their reasons, it's nice to have more of a wilderness experience.

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