Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 24, 2011

Start: 834
End: 850

Another early morning start today. We got up around 5am and were on the trail around 6am, about half an hour after Wired, Top Shelf, Blister, and Pine left camp.

As we approached Muir Pass we met two new people, Bert and Ernie, and hiked with them up to the top of the pass, past a false summit. At the top of the pass is a stone house structure built by the Sierra Club in honor of John Muir; it is an awesome little building.

After spending some time up at the top we started descending down toward Evolution Basin to camp before the Evolution Creek crossing, which is supposedly a challenging ford. It was a great hike down off the snow and onto dirt/rock trail again, which is a treat after slogging through the snow for so long.

It's interesting how a hikers perspective changes over time on the hike. It's kind of a 'grass is always greener' situation. When the trail is hot and dry, you long for a creek to cross, or some cold snow to make a slushee. When the trail is snow covered, or there are water crossings every quarter mile, you really want dry trail under your feet.

That being said, every day out here is amazing whether your feet are soaking wet or you have to carry heaps of water. Either way you deal with what the day gives you and make the best out of the situation, like pink lemonade slushees when you are surrounded by snow.

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