Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 29, 2011

Start: 493
End: 518

Today was a bit of a wild weather day. It all started at 1am when I got up during the night to set up my tent because it had begun to rain. In the morning, we got up around 6:15am and packed up our wet tents and hit the trail in full rain gear because it was cold and a bit windy.

Around 9am, much to everyone's surprise, it started snowing! In Southern California at the end of May. Crazy weather! It ended up snowing off and on the rest of the day and never really warmed up.

About an hour after it started snowing we hit a big milestone: 500 miles on the trail! It's crazy to think we have already hiked that many miles, and how quickly the time is passing. The second part of the day was nice and easy since we were descending out of the mountains down into the desert again, and through the western edge of the mojave desert.

The end of the hiking day ended up being at a place called Hikertown. It is a very interesting place. Essentially it is like a mini western town set from a Hollywood movie. There are multiple buildings with various names, each with beds, futons, or couches which can be used by hikers. Hikertown is owned by a man named Richard and is looked after by the caretaker Bob. Also in attendance from Richard's staff was Jeff, who was in charge of taking care of Richard's 23 cars, including two Ferraris and five Rolls Royce. They were all interesting people, but the most interesting by far was Jeff.

Balls' and Sunshine's family was g them at hikertown and generously made tacos for the hikers staying there.

After dinner we heard some stories from Jeff about his wife, kids, the two times he went to jail, and some memorable quotes. Two of the quotes from that memorable night were:

"I'm not racist, I just hate Mexicans."

"I don't care if they wear a badge or not, they can still take an ass whoopin'."

I will leave it at that.

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