Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 18, 2011

Zero day in Bishop.

Today was very relaxing. We slept in and then went to the lobby for the continental breakfast they were serving. We must have looked like refugees both from the state of our clothing and our ravenous appetites.

After breakfast, Colin and Gangsta Rap went about planning the next section of the trail to Mammoth Lake. Due to the number of passes and stream crossings this was critical to figure out ahead of time so we know how many days of food we will need. Based on those factors, we will be averaging 13 miles a day, with some days being longer or shorter depending on the location of the passes and major creek crossings, both of which we want to do before noon.

After planning, we walked to Vons to eat lunch and buy food, and then back to the motel to repackage all the food we purchased in an attempt to get it in our bear cans.

Once that task was complete, we walked over to the Whiskey Creek restaurant for happy hour for more food and some delicious microbrew beer! At Whiskey Creek we ran into Speedbump, Chris, Nicole, Pine, Headbanger, Happy Whale, Punisher, Cowbear, Top Shelf, and Blister.

All in all a great day in Bishop!

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