Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 4, 2011

Start: 610
End: 632

The first half of the day we hiked primarily east, over and down a ridge, out of the burn area, through some pines, and back into some desert. The clouds have been looking threatening all day, but things started looking better as we headed east.

We stopped for lunch near a Joshua tree, which really provided no shade since the sun was directly overhead. We made a good effort at finding shade and waiting out the warmest day we've had in about a week. The cloud show that has been put on has been spectacular all day, but could mean that we are in for a wet night or day tomorrow.

Around 3:45 we packed up and headed down the trail a few more miles to the next water source. When we got there the cache had many bottles of water, but only about 7 liters of water to share between the four of us, which needs to be enough for dinner tonight plus another 13 miles tomorrow. Each of us had some water left, so it shouldn't be a big deal despite the moderate climb from 5400' to 7000' first thing tomorrow.

We set up camp at the base of the ridge we are ascending tomorrow, right on or near the trail since it is the only flat-ish ground.

After setting up our tents in anticipation of rain, we made dinner, which was great as always. I really look forward to meal breaks, particularly lunch and dinner because with the bigger meal, we also get a longer rest break. Tonight was couscous with tuna and some random seasonings. I am definitely building up some hiker hunger this past few days. I have been having to be more aware of how much food I am eating each day more so than I have had to yet. I am not completely full after meals, but fairly well satisfied. It just makes the anticipation of a giant burger at Kennedy Meadows that much greater and I'm sure tastier than it otherwise would be.

I climbed into my tent fifteen minutes ago, just in time for it to start raining a little. Hopefully it won't be a really wet night, but I guess it's better to have rain at night my while sheltered in a tent than during the day while hiking.

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