Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 21, 2011

Start: 794
End: 805

For those who aren't aware, today is the longest day of the year. For those who hike the PCT, it is also known as hike naked day. A day where hikers can be totally free of polyester garments and just that much closer to nature. Of course not everyone participates, which can make for some interesting encounters.

Since the four of us only planned on hiking 11 miles to Twin Lakes, just 2 miles south of Pinchot Pass, we slept in and purposely got a late start. It was fairly cold in the morning and we got a few miles in before it started warming up. When it did warm up, we participated in the hike naked day festivities by donning our birthday suits, along with gaiters and shoes for protection from the patchy snow we were crossing. 12 Ounce and I had a choice encounter with a French couple, who were hiking south on the John Muir Trail, at a creek crossing. We crossed safely, in our finest attire, and then they asked us which way the trail went on the other side of the creek. It didn't seem awkward, but I think they were a little bit surprised.

We continued hiking naked for another couple hours, without running into any other hikers, until crossing a suspension bridge over Woods Creek and stopping for lunch. At which point we had our clothes back on.

After lunch we did a couple more hours of hiking naked and eventually made it to Twin Lakes for the night. Along the eay we ran into Wired, Top Shelf, Blister, Pine, and Eggman. From our sleeping bags there is an amazing view of the last of the sun's rays turning the highest mountaintops pink, and the sky shades of sherbert. What an amazing day.

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