Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 11, 2011

Start: 988
End: 1004

This morning we continued upstream another mile or so before finding a place to cross where the volume of the creek was less, and where it had split into three branches. Falls Creek ended up being an easy ford, with the exception being that it was freezing cold water and the air temperature still fairly cool. Once on the other side we found a sunny rock and took our shoes off so our feet could warm up and regain feeling before hiking further.

Following the crossing we only had about 8 miles to get to Dorothy Lake Pass, which, judging by the elevation profile, should have been an easy, gradual climb. The elevation profile did not however indicate that we would be walking through trees most of the way with snow drifts covering the trail more often than not, which turned the trail into a snow roller coaster. As is expected with snow, the surface was also slippery, adding to the ensuing mêlée. After many slips, trips, and minor falls, we reached the pass with only minor scratches and scrapes. My only hope at that point was that the path down the other side would be much easier and less snowy.

As luck would have it, after a short descent on snow, the trail was fairly clear and we were able to make much better time. More importantly we also had beautiful scenery to enjoy since we weren't constantly watching where we placed each footstep.

Along the way we crossed a major milestone as well: mile 1000! It's crazy to think I have walked all the way from the Mexican border to where I am now. And even more crazy to know that there is an even longer way to go before the journey is complete. As of right now I am more interested in the meal awaiting me in Bridgeport tomorrow, rather than the enormity of miles of trail that remain. It's the little things.

Tonight I am camped with Jimbrick, Annie, 12 Ounce, as well as, Ramble On, Mr. Fox, and Rocks Locks.

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  1. Alex,
    Although you are not getting much feedback from us, we very much enjoy following your progress. Question: we originally expected you to be hitting Ashland around 3 August. Do you feel you're pretty much on schedule?


  2. Glad to hear you are following along and enjoying the blog! As of now, I'm about 2 weeks behind schedule. I hope to start gaining some time back by doing more miles as soon as the conditions (no snow) allow.