Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 22, 2011

Start: 1094
End: 1113

Today we hit the trail again! We slept near where we had been dropped off and continued on our trek in the morning. Despite our well intentioned plans, we didn't get on the trail until 7:30am.

It took me a while to get my hiking legs back after taking a few days off. We passed Echo Lakes early in the day, ran into many day and weekend hikers, and continued on up in to Desolation Wilderness. The lakes were all beautiful, unfortunately the mosquitos must have thought so too, because we saw a fair amount of them.

The excitement of the day started when 12 Ounce and I split after having lunch at Heather Lake. We each had new books on tape to listen to, so we plugged in our earbuds and started walking up and over Dicks Pass with the intention of meeting on the other side at Dicks Lake.

I waited around Dick Lake for a while, backtracked a bit, and figured that she had probably kept on going, following other footprints she thought were mine.

We were able to reconnect down the trail later around 8pm, much to my relief. I was really hoping I hadn't ditched 12 Ounce on accident!

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