Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 7, 2011

Zero day in Yosemite NP

Last night after we got to the valley we ate a giant dinner at the village grill, which for me consisted of a salmon burger, sweet potato fries, really good chocolate shake, and a dinner size chicken caesar salad. Sooo good!

After eating, we sat down and discussed a plan to figure out how many days of food we needed to buy, and then proceeded to buy food at the Village Market. Expensive food, but not a whole lot of other options.

After packing up our food in our bear cans it was pretty late so we headed off toward Camp 4, where the rock climbers camp, to attempt to find a place to stay for the night. Unfortunately it was full and the rangers we spoke to told us there would be room over at the backpackers camp, which was about 3 miles away. Begrudgingly we headed toward the other camp, which ended up being worth the walk because we walked by and stuck our heads into the Ahwanee Hotel. Awesome. It is a rustic hotel built in the 1920's and currently on the National Register of Historic Places; it also kind of reminded me of the hotel in the movie The Shining.

Very cool day.

Today was pretty relaxed. We slept in a bit, then ate some food and went back to the village to get some fuel for cooking during the next section as well as look for a ride from the valley back to Tuolumne.

Back in Tuolumne we ran into Chris, Nicole, Headbanger, and Happy Whale, all of who we hadn't seen since Bishop.

The original plan was to leave and start hiking today, but since we didn't get back until 1pm, and because it started to rain off and on, we decided to camp at the campground in Tuolumne and leave in the morning. We ended up camping with Bubbles, Boots, and Speedbump.

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