Friday, July 1, 2011

Photos from Independence to Mammoth Lakes

Timex Rockin' a new visor

Gangsta Rap trying on and modeling a nice down coat

Reflection on Matlock Lake

12 Ounce traversing a snowy slope

Gangsta Rap enjoying the view from the T.O.P. (Top of pass)

Heading down the opposite side of Glen Pass

12 Ounce on a snow bridge

12 Ounce showing off her new outfit

Gangsta Rap and Timex getting water from a frozen lake before  a pass

Traversing up toward Mather Pass

Crossing a snow field on the other side of Mather

Stone house at the top of Muir Pass

12 Ounce taking a break by the river

Lunch time near a river

Self portrait entering the John Muir Wilderness

Rainbow in the mist above the creek

The group getting ready to glissade on the other side of Silver  Pass

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