Wednesday, July 13, 2011

June 30 & July 1

Zero day in Mammoth

Again we ate breakfast at Schat's bakery, and again it was delicious. After breakfast we picked up some snacks for the day, then headed over to Hertz to pick up the minivan we would be driving from Mammoth Lakes to Quincy for the High Sierra Music Festival.

After getting the van we picked up Wiz, Buttercup, and Wet Smoke, who were also joining us for festival. It was quite a nice drive up 395 to 70 and on to Quincy. It's strange to drive and move at a speed 20 times faster than we hike on a good day. The miles flew by quickly.

Once all of us had our tickets and bracelets we headed over to the music festival from the free parking area. Wow, talk about an interesting group of people. There is a wide range from families with naked toddlers running around to those just old enough to drink enjoying much more than just alcohol.

The music is varied as well, but mostly based around bluegrass with banjos, mandolins, and guitars. There are multiple stages with different bands playing at the same time as well as vendors of food, clothing, and things like hair wraps which the girls Gangsta Rap and 12 Ounce each got. There were also hula-hoops, hacky sacks, a soccer ball, frisbees, and lots of dancing.

After seeing a couple bands perform, we went back and napped from 9pm to 1am, and the got up to go watch Yonder Mountain String Band perform.

Seeing Yonder Mountain String Band perform live was amazing! The speed at which they can play guitar, banjo, and mandolin is incredible. And again the people around the festival were interesting as well. All sorts of outfits and costumes from pirates to furries and everything in between. What an experience.

The music ended at 4am, so we headed back to the car and Slept until 7am and then loaded up the van and were on the road back to Mammoth by 7:45am.

We made a couple stops on the way back to eat food, visit REI, and also buy our resupply food for the next segment of the trail. Winco is a wonderful place to resupply due to their low prices and amazing assortment of bulk foods.

With our stops we didn't make it back to Mammoth until about 4:30pm, which gave us just enough time to get a room at Motel 6 and return the rental car.

Later that evening we went back to Scott's place and met him and his dad. It was fun to chat with both of them and meet the mystery man belonging to the apartment.

After that venture, we headed back, packed up some stuff, and went to bed.

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