Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 5, 2011

JMT from Tuolumne Meadows to somewhere between Sunrise and Cloudrest TH

Today was a very relaxed, low key, hiking day. We slept in, ate breakfast and then wandered down the JMT. Shortly down the trail we came to a ranger station where we ran into Annie and Jimbrick. They were there to pick up backcountry wilderness permits for finishing the JMT and climbing Half Dome, both things that we also wanted to do, but weren't sure what we needed to get permit-wise. So we joined them and went to the office where we were able to get both.

We also found out that Gangsta Rap and Timex decided to push north out of Tuolomne instead of going down into the valley, hiking Half Dome and then skipping ahead to Tahoe.

We followed Annie and Jimbrick back to where they were camped, and also saw Sunshine, Balls, and Balls' family. We hiked out with Annie and Jimbrick and made our way up the trail toward Yosemite Valley and Half Dome. After a few miles we stopped for lunch at one of the Cathedral Lakes, which was mostly frozen, and enjoyed the sun and view.

After lunch we continued on toward Sunrise High Sierra Camp (HSC). Annie got separated from the rest of us during this section and when we reconvened at Sunrise HSC we discovered that we had each waited for each other at different places, but because the trail was under snow and we couldn't see it, we bypassed each other without knowing.

After checking out the camp at Sunrise we moved on over and down a little ridge to where the ground was somewhat free of snow. We found a fairly flat spot to camp a few miles further down the trail.

Tomorrow we head the last few miles down the trail to the Valley and Half Dome!

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