Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 23, 2011

Start: 1113
End: 1138

Today was a good day. We got started about the same time as yesterday, and as we were packing up we met Flash, Crasher, Let It Be, and Driftwood Dog.

The morning's hike was pretty easy and we walked through trees up until we got to Barker Pass where we stopped to eat lunch. Beyond Barker Pass we started getting some good views. The days hike took us up then down, and then up again to a ridge where we crossed over into the Granite Chief Wilderness. The majority of the ridge walk was amazing! There were all kinds of wild flowers, and we were walking the last part of the ridge as the sun set behind a ridge across the valley we ended up descending. Along the way we hiked by Alpine Meadows Ski resort and saw Squaw Valley resort on the next ridge over.

Since we were up on the ridge we needed to get in a few more to get down off the ridge so we could find a flat place to camp. Since it was getting dark we got in a little night hiking to get down, scrambling through snow and rocky hillsides until we found the trail again and a good place to camp by the river. We were both ready to camp when we found a dry spot and fell asleep quickly.

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