Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 24, 2011

Start: 1138
End: 1159

We began the day climbing up a hill and then ran into some snow. Just into the snow we ran into two ultra running women coming down from a morning run. They immediately asked if we came from Mexico, to which we said yes. It was the first of three times we had similar comments.

After hiking past the runners we were following some footprints without thinking too much about it and eventually came to a ridge. The footprints ended. We checked the maps and looked at the terrain, and found that we were on the wrong ridge! Squaw and Granite Chief Mountain were just to the right, across the valley from where we were standing, so we backtracked and descended the snow and across to the other side where we eventually found the trail and made our way up to the top of Granite Chief and down below a chair lift.

After a bit more hiking we made our way up another ridge and past Tinker Knob. We followed the ridge for a while and enjoyed the views on either side. Towards the end of the ridge walk we passed another ski resort, Sugarbowl.

After passing Sugarbowl we started making our way down to Hwy 40 (Donner Pass). We stopped to eat dinner before continuing on to Hwy 80 to complete Section K, 3 miles up the trail.

Upon nearing Hwy 80, we didn't have the same misfortune as the Donner party, but did find our way to the wrong trailhead 3/4 miles from where we were supposed to cross the highway.

After that mishap, it was getting dark, so we made our way back down the trail and across the highway before finding the first suitable place to camp, still in earshot of 80.

I was exhausted and frustrated with myself for going the wrong way earlier and fell asleep as soon as possible. Luckily tomorrow is a new day.

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