Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 10, 2011

Our group got out of the campground and headed over to one of the cabins where some other hikers were staying and Drop Dead had promised us buttermilk pancakes and hot coffee. Definitely worth it, even though we didn't make it out to the trail until 10:00 after getting a ride from the staff at the Idyllwild Inn.

We made the trek up Devils Slide trail to Saddle Junction and rejoined the PCT. Instead of doing the regular PCT route, we took an alternate route that led us up and over Mt San Jacinto. The view from the top was gorgeous! We got some great photos wielding an ice axe, which was totally unnecessary.

Annie had a GPS with her so we were able to boot ski down the side of the hill in the general direction of the trail until it rejoined the PCT. That was definitely the highlight of the day! The plan for the rest of the day was then to hike another few miles to Fuller Ridge CG and go over and down the rest of the ridge the following day. Those next miles went by somewhat slowly since there were still some patches of snow we had to traverse and a couple of smalle creeks to jump or rock hop across, but overall it was nothing too difficult. Just as we were getting to the end of the snow, we came down a gentle grade and through the trees we could see the campground, other hikers, and fire in the fire pits! The first time having a fire on the PCT, and after walking through the snow and finishing the day with soaking wet feet and the temperature right around 40F, it was a beautiful sight!

While we were hanung out around the fire and cooking up dinner one of the hikers told us that we had just gone over the treacherous part of Fuller Ridge. We looked at each other and had to laugh a little because all the reports we had heard to date seemed to be way over exaggerated. I guess that's better than being underprepared and surprised though!

Tomorrow we drop from 7800' to 2000' and back into the desert. Sunshine here we come!

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