Monday, May 23, 2011

May 22, 2011

For those of you who are wondering, this is what I look like now! I have yet to shave and have a pretty sweet tan line below where my sunglasses are since I wear a baseball style hat and bandana that cover the top half of my face pretty much all day.

Start: 384
End: 412

Woke up today around 6:30 to the sun shining on my face... Poor me. After eating a quick breakfast and packing up, Wiz and I were on the trail by 7:20.

After a couple miles, we came to a PCT detour which was put into effect to protect the habitat of a frog. Which type of frog, I am unsure, but the result being we either had to do an 18.5 mile alternate trail loop, or road walk 4.5 miles on Hwy 2. Since we didn't plan an extra day of food for the trail detour, we did the road walk. It went fairly quickly, and was safe since that section of Hwy 2 is closed due to part if the road sloughing off the side of the hill. The time also went quicker because we were able to walk and talk with Blister, Wired, Top Shelf, Gangsta Rap, 12 Ounce, Thumper, Stumbling Goat, Cowbear, Punisher, General Zod, and Dave.

When we got back on the PCT we were only a mile or so from mile 400! The Shotgun Sisters (now Gangsta Rap and 12 Ounce) brought wine in tetra-pak containers for the occasion, which they generously shared with Wiz and me. It wasn't completely horrible, despite what you may think.

After lunch, we were all a bit lethargic, mostly due to the wine we just drank. That and the fact that Wiz and I had done 31 miles in the past 24 hours. We pressed on and eventually made it to Fountainhead Spring for water, and then a couple miles further to camp for the night. It was a little windy, but overall a nice place to camp. We were also joined by General Zod at our impromptu camping area. After dinner, I immediately got in my sleeping bag, journaled, and proceeded to go to sleep by 8pm. Gotta love cowboy camping and going to sleep when the sun does.

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