Friday, May 27, 2011

May 26, 2011

Start: 454
End: 478

Woke up, repackaged some food and then waited around for Kylie and Annie to pack up and get ready. We got a ride down from the Saufley's to the "trail", which was the road that ran through the middle of Agua Dulce. We stopped and had breakfast at the cafe before hitting the trail at 10:20am. We moved pretty slow for the first two miles up road until we hit dirt again.

The weather was perfect. It was about 75F at the peak of the day, but felt much warmer in the sun hiking uphill. I wasn't really mentally prepared for hiking today, but it was still a good day nonetheless. It helps that we will be at the Anderson's tonight (aka Casa de Luna), so the motivation was there.

About 7 miles from San Fransisquito there was an amazing cache called the hikers oasis cache. It is nestled in a manzanita grove and had chairs, shade, and cold drinks. Everything you could want on a warm day. We grabbed a drink and then headed out at 5:45 in an attempt to make it to the road and get a hitch to the Anderson's before dark. About 3 or 4 miles from the road there were three people trail running the opposite direction we were going. Annie and I started speeding up at this point with the hopes that we would make it back to the road about the same time as the runners and get a ride from them. They ended up passing us again about a mile from the road and we were able to hustle down and catch up to them while they were standing around talking. One of the women said she would give us a ride if she knew where the Anderson's was, so I quickly spoke up and mentioned I had directions. We also ran into another hiker, Tumbleweed, who was also going to the Anderson's, so the four of us got a ride with two of the runners Sarah and Connie.

Once at the Anderson's we set up our sleeping area and then proceeded to dine on taco salad, the Casablanca de Luna specialty. It was delicious. A group of hikers sat around the fire pit in the driveway hanging out and talking late into the night.

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