Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13, 2011

Start: 220
End: 246

Got an early start today, and good thing we did, because it was a hot one and there was a lot of elevation gain. After climbing up one ridge and them dropping down into the next valley, we followed Mission Creek for about 15 miles, crossing the creek ~20 times. It was definitely nice to be close to water, but here was still no breeze, so it was a hot morning of hiking.

By about 1:00pm we had made it 16 miles and stopped for lunch. As we sat enjoying a big meal, clouds started rolling in which were fluffy and white at first and then began looking darker and a bit more ominous. I took off at 3:30, after the others had left, with the intention that we woould meet up again in 9 miles at Ceon Creek CG. The only problem with camping there was that I needed to carry 4 liters from the next water source, which was 7.5 miles and 1500' elevation gain from 6600' to 8100'. Not so much fun, but I easily disposed of one liter on the hike up.

After arriving at camp, I quickly cooked up some dinner, then found a place roll out my sleeping pad and bag, and went to sleep early at about 8:00. Definitely worth it after the mileage and elevation gain of the day.

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