Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Today was a great Nero day. A Nero is a day when you do hike, but very few miles. The group of us staying in a room together were all able to get a hot meal for breakfast and relax at the resort most of the day. Although we had to check out of our room by 2:00pm, they said we were welcome to continue hanging out until the hot springs closed at 10:00pm. We took them up on their generous offer and sat around the pool sharing a half-gallon of ice cream, cool ranch flavored munchies, and a few other snacks, all washed down with some cold refreshing beer. Other hikers that arrived today were also enjoying the resort and it grew into quite a fun gathering around the hot pool. At about 6:00pm the five of us started to contemplate the idea of leaving and hiking a few miles, or staying another night at Warner Springs. Annie, as well as hikers that had arrived earlier in the day, were campaigning for us to stay another night, but the rest of us were leery of getting sucked into the world of zero days (zero day is when you don't hike at all for a day) which can be a dangerous precedent to set, particularly so early along the trail. Annie ended up deciding to stay, but Speed Bump, Wiz, Kylie, and I all headed out a little after 7 and hiked a few miles before finding a camping spot along Agua Caliente Creek.

Tomorrow we will press on about 14 miles to a trail angels house (Mike Herrera) and enjoy what is rumored to be the best barbecue chicken along the trail! I'm looking forward to another easy day tomorrow, and of course the food and hanging out with more hikers!

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