Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 20, 2011

Start: 354
End: 369

Last night was surprisingly good, given the angle of the ground I was sleeping on, and I awoke feeling well rested! Today, the six of us are headed to Hwy 2 so we can get a hitch to Wrightwood and resupply (buy food), and we need to get there before 5pm because Annie has a package waiting and the PO is closed Saturday and Sunday.

Since we camped about halfway up the ridge, we only had about 2500' to ascend, before dropping some elevation to the highway. It was a little bit slow going due to the altitude, but it still went quickly and we were treated to views of Mt San Antonio and one other that I don't know the name of.

Speedbump sped ahead and made it to Wrightwood before we did, and the rest of us got to the highway by 1:30 and attempted to get a hitch. It took us about 30 min to get a ride, due in part to the fact that there were few cars headed that direction. Eventually, a lady driving a little red sedan pulled over and asked if we were hiking the PCT, to which we said yes, and then asked if we had ever been arrested, to which we said no. Based on those answers she agreed to give us a ride. Just after she pulled into the parking area, a jeep pulled in to the parking area also offering a ride. Since my backpack was the only one that wasn't loaded in the red sedan yet, I threw it in the back of the retro two-seat jeep that Peter was driving and we headed down the hill to the PO.

Once in town, everyone was extremely friendly. One person offered us a ride to the trail if we needed, and another, seeing we were a bit unsure where we were going, offered us directions. While waiting for Annie to get her mail, Wiz and I went over to the hardware store to check out the list of trail angels in Wrightwood. We got a hold of Courtney, who was already planning to host 4 other hikers, and agreed to take on the 6 of us (we found Speedbump). Courtney has not thru-hiked the PCT before, but hosted Hikers last year, and subsequently did a 200 mile section hike in August! She hopes to do more this year, and may even end up hiking with us somewhere up the trail.

The group staying at Courtney's included Liz, Skinny D, Wired, Top Shelf, Speedbump, Kylie, Wiz, Annie, Drop Dead, and me, and it was awesome. After a group of us ate a late lunch at Mexico Lindo and enjoyed some margaritas, she showed us back to her place and let us (made us) take showers, do laundry, borrow her car to get groceries, and crash just about anywhere and everywhere at her place.

After our errands/chores had been taken care of a group of us went to the Wrightwood Inn for Karaoke night! It was definitely an interesting experience. Drop Dead sang a couple songs, Wiz signed Kylie up to sing Down Under, and then the group of us went up together and sang "I would walk 500 miles" at the end of the night. Fun times in Wrightwood.

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