Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14, 2011

Start: 246
End: 265

Woke up pretty early today and was on the trail by 6:30. Today the big goal is to get to Big Bear in time for a big lunch.

Didn't take many breaks today, just kind of pushed to get the miles in. I stopped once on the way to fill up some water at Arrastre Camp, and one other time because of, you guessed it, trail magic! I enjoyed a 16oz. Orange soft drink with vanilla creme cookies and took an apple for the road. Fresh fruit and soda are two of my favorite things to come across on the trail because they are things I never consider carrying with me.

After that break, there was about 9 more miles to get to Hwy 18, and then find a ride into Big Bear. The miles went by fairly quickly, partially because I decided to run most of the downhill sections, which probably wasn't great for the joints, but felt good to do nonetheless. Ended up getting to Hwy 18 at 12:45 and hung out eating some of my leftover food while waiting for Spedbump. Just before Speedbump got to the Hwy, a car from Big Bear Hostel pulled up with three hikers ready to continue their journey. Two of them were brothers Sam and Ben who are both recent grads in civil engineering who I had met earlier along the trail.

Speedbump and I, as well as two other hikers Drew and Bob, loaded into the station wagon and rode down the hill into Big Bear Lake.

The hostel here is amazing! This is the first time I have stayed in a hostel, but it is very well organized and I have had the chance to shower, do laundry, and eat an entire pizza, so I am doing very well. I also weighed myself and I am the same weight, or maybe a pound heavier, than I was when I started hiking! I hope I can keep that trend going, along with all the trail magic that has made it possible!

I am still undecided at this point, but I may end up taking a zero day tomorrow so that I can rest, as well as let Kylie, Wiz, and Annie catch back up.

And now back to living the dream...

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  1. "The miles went by fairly quickly, partially because I decided to run..."

    I wouldn't expect anything less Asai!

  2. I've seen a few trail runners out on the trail and I am a little jealous of them. Makes me miss running a little bit. Definitely going to have to look into ultras after the trail. -Alex