Friday, May 20, 2011

May 18, 2011

Start: 307
End: ~335

The morning was much the same as most mornings, mostly clear and fairly cold. After packing up camp I was on the trail by 7:20am to continue the hike through Deep Creek Canyon. The remaining miles of the canyon were just as breathtaking as the day before, with the exception of the fact that there was a plethora of graffiti with tags including everything from "Ham Ass" to "R.I.P. Big Steve". There were two small sections where the trail had slid out, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the PCTA had made it out to be and was definitely worth the "risk".

By noon I had 11 miles under my belt, but it felt like much less, probably due to the fact that I made a conscious effort to go a little slower so I could enjoy the views and take pictures. It's interesting to see some of the other people thru-hiking and how utterly miserable they look. The PCT is such an amazing thing that I think if I felt like they look, I wouldn't be out here doing this.

The miles for the rest of the day went fairly well and when we were about 22 miles in for the day we saw a sign for trail magic at Cleghorn Picnic Area. At the picnic area was Shepard, who was cooking up hot dogs, hot beverages, and also had chips and donuts. I had a little bit of everything available, and then proceeded to eat a dinner of cheddar broccoli rice with tuna. Definitely ended up very full after all of that.

After all the eating we headed out for a couple more miles until we could find a good campsite. Because the trail was along the side of a ridge on the way up, and then the way down we ended up hiking until 8:00pm and got in about 28 miles for the day. A few more than I really wanted to get, but at least we will be closer to McDonalds in the morning to enjoy some greasy goodness. What a way to celebrate a birthday.

Tonight I am camped with Drop Dead, Wiz, Speed Bump, Kylie, and Annie. It has been great hanging out with a group of people, but I'm thinking I may try to do some solo hiking/camping after resupplying in Wrightwood. We'll see what happens.

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