Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 30, 2011

Start: 1982
End: 2007

Today we woke up, and much to our surprise, the liquid water near where we camped had frozen! It didn't feel all that cold, but apparently the temps are beginning to drop. We got an early start at 6:15 and headed down to Lava Lake CG/TH where we heard there was trail magic. There we came across a mesh net tent setup with sodas, beer, and snacks. We enjoyed some of the offerings and talked with the trail angel Lost-and-Found.

We continued on through a large lava field with views of Mt Washington to the North, and the Three Sisters to the South. We made our way toward Mt Washington, where we ate lunch at the bottom of a downhill trail section. After lunch we cruised through the rest of the miles to get to Hwy 20 where we planned to meet our ride.

Mat Barnett, a fellow engineer for the Forest Service, picked us up and drove us into town where we stopped in at REI before heading to dinner at BBC (Bend Brewing Company). It was great to have food prepared for us, instead of using our one-pot, alcohol-stove cooking methods. We then went back to Mat's place where we got cleaned up and did some laundry before falling asleep... In a bed! Great way to start the short break in Bend! Thank Mat!

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