Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 3, 2011

Start: 2044.5
End: 2094.5

Last night was not exactly as restful as one would hope. Strong winds started up around midnight, tearing a tent stake out of the ground, and leaving the tent falling and flapping on our faces. We tried to sleep a little longer, and at 3:30am we got up, ate breakfast, packed up, and were on the trail at 4:15am to begin our attempt at a 44 mile day.

The stars were amazing, brightest of the trail, and we tried to enjoy them while simultaneously using our headlamps to see the trail ahead, so as not to trip. After about 8 miles we got to Ollalie Lake and attempted to go to the store, which said opened at 7am, but apparently not on Labor Day Weekend. Strange. It was a little bit of a bummer since I was hoping to pick up a couple more candy bars for the day.

After Ollalie we got back on the trail and continued on, mostly through forest for the rest of the day, including a section through the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. We took a 30 minute "lunch" break after 22 miles, while on the Reservation before continuing on.

About 38 miles into our day, we reached Clackamas Lake. It was 5:45pm, and we both had the same thought: what if we go for 50 miles instead of 44? We both liked the idea, and planned out where we would now be heading for that night. By the time we got to Timothy Lake, we were both starting to drag a bit; everything was stiff and a little sore, but we were determined. We continued on to where we originally planned to camp (mile 44) and had a snack before starting an 800 foot climb over the final 6 miles. The last part we didn't speak much, just trudged up the trail. Once we accomplished the goal, we set up camp and proceeded to pass out. It was one of those days when you are sore before you even wake up the next morning. But we triumphed! And the pain we feel is only temporary compared to the memories that will last a lifetime.

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