Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 11, 2011

Start: 2222
End: 2249

Today we woke up surrounded by huckleberry bushes, because that is where we chose to camp. Within a mile of hiking we had two unexpected, but fun, encounters. The first was when we saw Billy Goat (hiking legend) heading up the trail towards us. We stopped and talked with him for a little bit, and during our conversation he mentioned that he has hiked every mile of the PCT eight times, and over 40,000 miles total! What an incredible and humble man. He told us, "There isn't going to be the Marine Corps band playing for you at the border. You have to enjoy the trail between here and there, that's the good part."

Just after meeting him we came to the 24 Road and ran into two people getting things out of a car. The moment they saw us they asked if we were thru-hikers, and then they proceeded to invite us over to the trail magic they were just setting up. I ate some fruit and a Krispy Kreme (the first and probably only of the trip). After a short time there we moved on so we could keep on pace to meet up with Gangsta Rap at the 23 Road.

The rest of the morning's hiking was pleasant and we got to the road just in time to see Free Range, and meet up with Gangsta Rap while enjoying lunch.

After lunch the three of us hiked on and up toward Mt Adams, still mostly covered in snow, and found a place to camp. Some day I would like to climb Adams, but maybe not til next year.

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