Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 9, 2011

Start: 2170
End: 2197

Today we got going around 6:45, knowing we had 16 miles to go to get to Wind River where my coworkers were waiting.

The first few miles were easy down to Rock Creek, but then we turned right around and climbed back up another hill before descending once again to Wind River.

From the first few miles I could tell that it was going to be a hot day. It was already a pleasant temperature at 6am, and the humidity hung thick in the air. I'll be the first to admit that I don't like hot, humid weather, but I do prefer it to 40 degrees and raining, as it's likely to do in Washington in September. All I can hope is that the good weather lasts a little longer.

We got to Wind River right at 1pm, but unfortunately most of my coworkers had been there earlier, eaten lunch and moved on before I made it there. Such is life on the trail. A couple of people were still around and still had some food so we took advantage of that treat before heading on. Thanks!

After Wind River, as we approached Panther Creek, we ran into a day hiker sitting next to a tree. She was smiling and we asked her how her hike was going. She said she wasn't out for much of a hike, but rather had come to sit by her favorite tree, which happened to be a large cedar. As we conversed she told us of the Singing Alive workshop where she went to sing to plants and trees with other like minded, and spirited, people. From that experience she came to the realization that she had never asked her favorite tree what her song was. So she had come out that day to ask the tree and listen. It was an interesting experience. Thank you Saliha (Sah-Lee-Hah)

After Panther Creek we started a climb up Big Huckleberry Mountain. It was hot and getting late in the evening so we set up camp a few miles from the top of the climb. It was a good day.

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