Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 5, 2011

Start: 2007
End: ?? Dee (about 31 miles)

Today we started the Dollar Lake Fire Detour. From Timberline Lodge the detour took us back to the Timberline Trail, then East down and up three glacial river canyons to Gnarl Ridge, which, as anticipated from the name, was pretty gnarly looking. Along the way we also walked through Mt Hood Meadows ski area, which was pretty cool! At the Gnarl Ridge trail junction we ran into two day hikers, neither wearing shirts. They were an older couple from the Columbia River Gorge area, who enjoyed hiking around Hood. They were pretty into the fact that we were hiking the whole trail, and as usual they got a kick out of 12 Ounce's name. The husband of the couple said he was going to have a 12 oz can as soon as he got back home.

After that encounter, we took the ridge down to the Elk Meadows trail, following that down to Polallie TH. From there we had a 9 mile road walk along Hwy 35 to Parkdale, then turned onto Hwy 281 toward Dee for another few miles, and finally stopped hiking around 10:45pm when we found some fruit crates along the side of the road to hide behind while we slept. It was the first night on the trail that I felt like I was homeless, but the gravel pullout was surprising comfortable when you're tired. I also got blisters for the first time in 1600 miles due to walking so many detour miles on asphalt.

Not looking forward to waking up early and hiking more roads. Ugh.

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