Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 2, 2011

Start: 2022
End: 2044.5

What a glorious day! Since we only planned to do 22 miles today, we slept in until 7:30 before getting moving, and finally made it to the trail around 8:30.

We had views of Mt Jefferson for the majority of the day as we passed along it's West flank. Along the way we also ran into many groups of weekend hikers. Not all that surprising since it is the beginning of Labor Day Weekend.

We stopped by a little lakelet for lunch, and while there we talked with a smokejumper for a little bit. He and his crew had parachuted in last night around 6pm and took care of a small fire burning a little ways north of where we were. When I asked him how close the fire was to the PCT, he said about 100 feet. So I guess my post from yesterday was incorrect, but in my defense, the fire was only a few meters in diameter.

Just before the end of hiking for the day we crossed over a ridge, saying goodbye to the panoramic view of Mt Jefferson and getting our first good view of Mt Hood. We could even just make out the silhouette of Mt St Helens in the distance! It would have been a better view had there not been smoke from some other fire obscuring the view with its haze. The good thing about the smoke is that it makes for some amazing sunsets!

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