Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 4, 2011

Start: 2094.5
End: 2007

I was stiff and sore this morning. Not all that surprising considering what I willingly put my body through yesterday. It didn't exactly feel good, but at the same time gave me a lasting feeling of my accomplishment.

After eating a quick poptart breakfast we hobbled onto the trail and made our way toward US Hwy 26 to the Frog Lake trailhead where my parents were meeting us with food! We arrived right on time and, as promised, they had all sorts of snacks.

After the delicious snack break, my mom joined us in hiking the remaining miles to Timberline Lodge. The first segment of the day took us 6 miles to Barlow Pass, just before the Hwy 35 crossing. There, my parents were hosting some trail magic that included homemade cookies, handrolled sushi, sodas, and beer. We also stopped here to eat some snacks before pushing the final miles up to Timberline Lodge. They went pretty easy, except for the last couple which were on sand. As you may have guessed by now, there also happened to be food at Timberline Lodge! There was a farmer's market lunch buffet which we took full advantage of, drinking some beer to wash it down.

While at Timberline Lodge we found out some unfortunate news. The trail on the North side of Mt Hood was closed due to a wildfire, so we would have to detour around the East side. We didn't worry too much about it at the time and headed down the mountain with my parents to relax the rest of the day and stay the night in Welches. It was just what we needed: to not wear packs, and get our feet up for a little while.

Thank you mom and dad!!

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