Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 10, 2011

Start: 2197
End: 2222

Today's hiking started with a few miles to and past Big Huckleberry Mountain. We then descended to a spring, refilled our water, and made our way toward Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Upon reaching the wilderness boundary, there were a number of cars parked by the road, not unusual for a Saturday, but one was a Forest Service vehicle, which is more unusual. A few miles up the trail by Sheep Lakes, I ran into Rick McClure (archaeologist on the GP) and chatted with him a little about the hike. He was out leading an archaeological hike about the area, specifically the Indian Race Track.

After lunch at Green Lake, we headed on further, only to discover mosquitos. It wasn't much of a surprise, but they were still just as unwelcome. We sped through the remainder of the wilderness, camping just before the road.

Tomorrow, we meet back up with Gangsta Rap and will hike with her to the border!

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