Friday, August 19, 2011

August 13, 2011

Start: 1606
End: 1614

What a great feeling it is to sleep in a bed and not be awoken by an alarm in the morning! After sleeping in, 12 Ounce and I rode bikes down to Bob's Ranch for breakfast, where we joined two other hikers, Chilidog and Seahorse. It was a really good breakfast consisting of an omelette, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy, and coffee.

After breakfast we went back to the hiker hut and repackaged our food for the trail. We also used the wi-fi to post journals and take care of a few other things, like buying new shoes for Oregon. While hanging out there with the other hikers, Goodness made a great comment, which will serve as the quote of the day,"I don't mean to be rude, man, but you got a funk." Goodness was referring to another hiker at the hut, who had already taken a shower, but his gear had yet to be washed and it was giving off a pungent, rancid odor that permeated the hut.

Around 3:30, we packed up and got a ride back to the trailhead, and started hiking about 4pm. Having a leisurely 56 miles to do in the next two and a half days, we ambled up the trail about 8 miles before stopping to eat dinner and set up camp.

Currently I am laying underneath a blanket of stars and just watched one of the brightest and slowest moving satellites I have ever seen. It's good to be back to enjoying a more relaxed hiking pace and viewing the stars!

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