Friday, August 5, 2011

July 30, 2011

Start: 1271.5
End: 1290

Wow. The sunset last night was amazing! And then there was the heat-lightning lighting up the clouds in the sky to the east, followed by an astounding number of stars, including the milky way, and meteors burning up in the atmosphere.

The sunrise this morning wasn't quite as good as the sky show last night, but still a sight to behold. We again woke up at 5am and were on the trail by 6:15. We had a small climb up to Lookout Rock before flattening out for a while and then descending many thousands of feet down to Highway 70 and Belden.

Once in Belden we made a stop at the Belden Town Resort for a cold drink and an ice cream sandwich before calling the Braatens for a ride to their place. Brenda came, picked us up, and gave us a ride to her place. The Braatens have an extra apartment/house on their property which they let hikers use for showering, cooking, and sleeping. Just down the road at an RV park is a small Café and store, Carribou Crossroads. we spent the afternoon doing laundry, eating, and hanging out at the Café.

Tonight we will stay in town and get a ride back to the trail in the morning. Onto Drakesbad Resort in Lassen NF next! The resort offers showers and laundry to hikers, and are rumored to have hot springs as well!

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