Friday, August 19, 2011

August 15, 2011

Start: 1636
End: 1662

Got a slightly earlier start today, but still living by the newly termed, previously discovered, "thorough hiking" concept. Thorough hiking is all about enjoying the hiking part of the day, stopping for little off-trail diversions, and taking lots of pictures!

One of the diversions we took today was stopping at the first crossing of Grider Creek to skinny dip, rinse out some clothes, and enjoy a nice lunch in the shade of the bridge.

Also along the way down, we enjoyed nature's bounty of thimbleberries, wild strawberries, and blackberries! It was a delicious hike, and makes me look forward to the huckleberries we will encounter further north!

The only down side for the day was the 6.4 mile road walk into Seiad Valley, but the berries made up for that I guess. That and the beer when we got into town. Everyone in Seaid has been real friendly!

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  1. Hey Alex and 12-oz... this is Melissa Von Ashland. I am liking the concept of "thorough" hiking... maybe you had to start out in the more "pedal-to-the-medal" pack in the beginning to convince yourself that you could make this complete journey- but now you are now you are into your PCT "midlife" and you know more who you want to be as a "thu-hiker"
    So I salute you- eat the berries, skinny dip in the streams, and know that your journey is an inspiration to the rest of us. And please Alex, E-mail us the picture of you on the edge of half-dome, that photo inspires me!