Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 4, 2011

Start: 1382
End: 1410

Today we hiked along Hat Creek Rim. According to various sources it is one of the driest and most dreaded sections of the trail because of the constant sun exposure for about 20 miles, and lack of water for 29.6 miles.

During the first part of the hike, as we headed up from Subway Cave to the rim, we caught our first glimpse of Mt Shasta. We would have spectacular views of Lassen and Shasta all day.

The hike itself was pretty mellow. It was dry and warm, but it didn't seem any worse than what we had already been through in Southern California. It was fairly monotonous, and by the end of the hike along the rim I was ready to drop back down to the lava fields. One of the bright spots of the stretch was a water cache! It is so great to come across a cache on the long waterless stretches and enjoy drinking water that you didn't have to carry yourself.

We ended up just a mile or two shy of the next water at the end of the day, but still got in a solid day. Tomorrow it's on to Burney Falls State Park and seeing my parents for the first time since they dropped me off at the border three months ago!

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