Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 27, 2011

Start: 1913
End: 1926

The first order of business for the day was picking up resupply boxes at Shelter Cove, so we walked the 2.2 miles down the side trail to the resort. Located on the shores of Odell Lake, the resort serves RV campers, fisherman, and has cabins and campsites for rent. Fortunately for us, they also hold resupply boxes for hikers. Unfortunately, when we asked for our boxes (addressed to Madeline Yacoe / Alex Asai) the said they had only one. This was the second time in a row that this happened. The first box was labeled with both last names, and the second one got labeled with 'Daly', taken from the return address line. Identical boxes, but different interpretation. Either way, we ended up getting both of them. While hanging out at Shelter Cove we enjoyed breakfast burritos and took in the view of the lake, without mosquitos. Then, we walked back up to the trail where the mosquitos were waiting for us, of course.

We packed up the rest of our stuff and walked a little over a mile to Hwy 58. Once at the highway we turned left, rather than continue across the road and up the trail, because we heard there was a pizza restaurant at Willamette Pass Ski Area that is open on the weekends during the summer. Our tireless 0.2 mile detour was rewarded by the affirmation that the restaurant was indeed open. We headed in and took a seat in the food area and proceeded to figure out what to order. We split a pitcher of Long Line Rye beer (Oakshire brewery) and a pizza, followed by a scoop of black cherry ice cream in a cone (one each, of course). We also used the time to charge up some electrical devices (such as the one I am currently writing on) and finally made our way back to the trail around 2:30pm. Not a bad start to the day!

When we got around to hiking, it was great too! We passed by the Rosary Lakes, where we stopped in a rare mosquito respite to clean some of the dirt, sweat, and bug carcasses from our skin, prior to continuing on up the trail, only to discover more bugs. We made it a little further to Bobby Lake for water, and then continued on a couple more miles before calling it a day. We may not have hiked many miles, but at least we thoroughly inspected Shelter Cove and Willamette Pass! Looking forward to more mosquito-free lakes!

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