Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 9, 2011

Start: 1506
End: 1516

Today was a rather lazy day of sleeping in, eating an incredible breakfast, and taking care of a few things, like posting journal entries. After breakfast we hung out on the front porch, enjoying the slow pace of life on the Ranch.

Finally around 3:30pm, we got a ride back to the trail with Jeff, and were on our way about 4:30. We got in a solid 10 miles, leading us to a campsite at aptly named Disappearing Creek. Tomorrow we begin our day with a steep climb, gaining 2500' in the first 4 miles. It will be good to do in the morning when it is cooler and our bodies are fresh! Only 90 more miles in the next three days, by 4pm on Friday to get to the PO in Etna to go!

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