Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

Start: 1830
End: 1856

Today we awoke to more of the same from yesterday. Mosquitos buzzed us and made a full rain suit necessary just for the skin protection and sanity. The climb up to the rim was buggy, but soon after we got up there, they seemed to die down.

It was quite a breathtaking sight to see when we reached the top, and it felt good to be back somewhere that was familiar to me. As we made our way along the west side of the rim we got to see how the lake looks under various conditions. It changed from a silvery color when there were clouds overhead, to a deep blue as the clouds cleared off and the sun shone down upon the deep water. (1932 feet deep, deepest in the US and 7th deepest in the world!)

After hiking the west side of the lake, the trail departed the rim and continued north toward Mt Thielsen. As we neared Hwy 138, we were treated to a lightning and thunder show! It got as close as 1/4 mile, judging by the time between lightning and thunder, and the lightning was nearly blinding, and the thunder rumbled deeply. The thunder has continued off and on the rest of the evening as we are now camped. Luckily the storm(s) didn't bring much rain with their show.

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