Friday, August 5, 2011

July 28, 2011

Start: 1214
End: 1240.2

Do you ever wake up not intending to walk a marathon, and then do? Well that's what happened today... sort of.

It all started with modest aspirations of getting 25 miles a day for the next three days so we can make it to Belden, and to the trail angels there, the Braatens. We got started a little late at 7am and moseyed along the first part of the day, getting through the last of the big snow patches for the next 500 miles, and 10 miles by noon, off to a little bit of a slow start, not ideal for trying to get 25 for the day. Mentally it's nice to have half or more of your goal mileage done by lunch.

After lunch we continued on and started moving a little quicker, despite the elevation gain. We were able to get 21 miles by 5pm, at which time we stopped to eat a leisurely dinner, knowing there were only 4 more miles for the day. The last miles were easy and mostly downhill, so I threw out the idea that we continue on a little further to get in a marathon for the day. Not only would it mean a little less for tomorrow, but we were both feeling good and willing to keep going a little longer.

We got into camp right at 8pm, ready for a good nights rest before attempting the same again tomorrow! It's good practice for the day when I decide to run an ultra marathon (any distance longer than a marathon).

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