Friday, August 5, 2011

July 31, 2011

Start: 1290
End: 1311

So nice to sleep on a bed last night! Even better was this morning when Brenda brought over chilled watermelon slices and fresh muffins still warm from the oven! After that wonderful surprise, Brenda took Happy Meal, 12 Ounce, and me to the trail.

We started hiking around 6:30am, which was a good thing since it was supposed to get into the mid-90's and we had a 4500' climb over the first 13 miles. It wasn't a bad climb overall and we took a couple snack breaks to split the climb into smaller sections. The only inconvenience about it was the poison oak lining the trail, often times hidden by other brush. Near the top of the climb, after we got above where the poison oak could live, we scrubbed our legs off in a creek.

After the climb, we had a pretty cruisy rest of the day over generally flat terrain. Since we got to sleep late last night after chatting with Happy Meal and Yankee, we decided to have a short day so we could get to sleep by hiker midnight (9pm) and up at 5am, and back on our regular schedule.

We are currently camped at the high point in Butte County. Big mileage day tomorrow where we will have a chance to "scan the Cascade crest that rims the upper Butt Creek canyon," (guidebook) and then on to Drakesbad Guest Ranch the next morning for swimming, showers, laundry, and food!

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